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Sem end (2011 April)

Hu~This semester have totally end with 7 subjects~
It was a unexplained semester~All have gone~
Is time to holiday~Haha~ Hope can rest in this 2 weeks
But look at my schedule just left 1 week holiday~
Just left one more year to go for finish my diploma~
Hope every things will be alright~

Happy Holidays~Goodbye this Semester~
my 2nd year~All the best~^^


2011 April Semester

My 2nd year 3rd Semester is start lo
After this is my 3rd Year of DGD
Will be graduate at next year August 2012
Hope everyone is be OK~
Good Luck & Take Care~


New Short Semester

Here is start our new short semester (Dec 2010) ~
this Sem just have 2 subjects~but it quite rush~
Because we need to finish all the class in 7 weeks~

one week 4 class~so this semester have 2 subjects~
one is Photography and one is Advertising 1 lo~
Hope will get a good result in the future~Add oil~^^


Web Design 1 Final

It was this semester last subject, last final work
My Final Web Design Layout ~
I am thinking to do something different~
It was a project that can "RE: PROJECT"

"RE: Project" is the idea of using RE: concept~
By using RE: , we can create a lot of things~
We can save our world reuse it ,reborn a new arts~
It was meaningful and reliable in our life~

In my intro page u can c some there have
some things fall down and it become standing

it means that reusing the things that have throw
We reborn a new things~

It was just a concept and idea from me~
From this final work, I have spend few days to do it
It make me tired and crazy, in front my eye
all is the flash frame and dots~Haha

Here is the links of My
Final Web Design Project -
For this time final work, It have a lots of space
need me to improve it~I am not so satisfied with some part

However la~ Hope it will be Fine and get good results~
Haha~So what are u waiting for?

Is time to HOLIDAYS~
Wish all Happy


Graphic Design 1 - Aug 10

P5: Type Specimen Poster

P2: Type as Image

P1: Design to your layout

This is what I have done in Graphic Design 1~
We need to do 5 art works at this semester~
  1. Designs to your layout
  2. Type as Image
  3. Text & Image Type
  4. COP 10 Poster
  5. Type Specimen Poster
Every project have their own funny things
I really enjoy at the homework that is
type as image, we need to found the thing
and make it is a image~Hope to continue GD 2
Welcome to comment it~^^


My first Logo Design

Today in here to sharing my old design~
It was helping a safety company to design a new logo~
I'm using the alphabet S&M to create the logo~
It was my first time design for logo o~Haha~
Have a look & comment it~TQ~^^


Flash Assignment - Button

This is one of my Flash Assignment~
It need us to create few "Button"~

Seriously, I can done this homework
because of
my classmate sharing her & his skills for me~
It help me save a lots of time~Thanks ~^^

For doing this Button~
The mind must be clear,

We need to count how many time? Key frame~

Need to put the "Actions" at which part~

How to make it move & play and stop~

Can link to the next button & etc~

Not bad, is a interesting things to learn in flash~
Thanks for Ah Tiong teaching & my classmate~

Hope will do well in the future~

Add Oil all~ ^^